To process orders that flow in from Snapdeal you need to follow the steps below:

1. Select all the Snapdeal Dropship orders and create a shipping batch by clicking on create shipping batch. Click on the Batch number and open the batch. 

2. Click on the check box and select all the orders in the shipping batch: 

3. Click on Mark As and click on Mark As Ready to Ship.


4. Click on Labels and choose Bulk Labels Fetch from the drop-down. The page will refresh and fetch the courier details for the orders: 

5.  Click on Labels again and click on Bulk Print Labels to print the labels generated from Snapdeal: 

6.  Select the check box and click on Create Manifest. Choose Manifest for a single courier or Create Manifest in Bulk

7. Click on the manifest number and open the manifest: 

8. Click on Upload Manifest:

9. click on Create Manifest for corresponding manifest in Snapdeal:

10. Once Browntape fetches the manifest from Snapdeal , you can click on Download Manifest to download and print the Snapdeal manifest:

11. Once the manifest has been generated and downloaded click on Generate Token to arrange  as show in the Screenshot.

12. Click on Login To Channel to arrange for a pick-up of your orders:

13. Click on Pick up Panel and arrange for a pick up from Snapdeal panel:

14. Once the pick-up has been booked for the respective couriers, copy the token numbers and save it in Browntape for reference.