• Filtering on Orders Page: We have introduced filtering on all the columns on the Orders page.¬†
Now the user can filter orders using various criterias such as From (Channel Name), Order Type (SD Oneship, Amazon FBA, Amazon Easyship, Flipkart Advantage), Invoice Number, Customer name, Product name & SKU, Shipping Address, Price range i:e Rs100 - Rs1000, Shipping Fee, Financial Status of Order i:e PAID, COD, Unpaid, Cancelled - Processing, Packing, Ready to ship, Shipped etc, Date Range.

Below examples will help you understand.

Filter with Channel: The user can filter the orders with the respective channel needed as shown below.

Order Type: As shown in the below figure the user can also filter with the type of orders i:e Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Easyship, Amazon FBA etc.

Filter using Invoice Number: Here the user have to enter the specified invoice number of the order for lookup, refer below example.

Filter with Customer Name: This feature allows the user to search a specific order by entering the customers name in the cell.

Filter with Product name or SKU: This will also help the user to find the orders using the Product name or SKU.

Filter with Ship To State: This allows the user to search the orders using the Shipping State.

Filter with Price Range: Here the user can filter the orders using the selling price of the products.

Filter with Shipping Fee: This allows the user to filter the orders using the Shipping Fee.

Filter with Financial Status (Is): User can also filter using the status of the order i:e Paid, COD, Packing, Shipped etc.

Filter with Date range: This will give user an easy access to filter the orders using dates.