Before you begin:

Contact your Account Manager at TataCliQ to activate API access on your account by providing your seller ID.

Once your API access is activated by TataCliQ:

1. Log into Browntape > Channels > Click ‘Add a Channel’ > TataCliQ > Click ‘Add this’

2. Enter details asked on the screen:
                    Custom Title (Eg. TataCliq); Channel Shortcode (Eg. TUL); Your Merchant ID TataCliq;
                    Click ‘Add Channel’

3. Go to Channels > TataCliq > Settings
                      Tatacliq Username (Slave username used on Seller Portal)
                      Tatacliq Password (Slave Password used on Seller Portal)
                      Currency (Set as INR)

4. Go down to Warehouse & VAT Setting
                         Click on Channel Warehouse code ; which would be set as null initially.
                         Enter the Slave ERP code which is updated in TataCliQ Seller Portal and save it.