User Roles:

This feature basically helps you to assign particular access roles to different users. Each role defines the purpose of a user on Browntape. For example: If one of your staff members is responsible to manage your inventory, he would not be required to look into order details, account integration etc. Thus you could define his role such that he only has access to the inventory section on Browntape.

While user creation, you can assign roles to it

Please note the operation and access eligibility of each role defined below:

  1. Account Owner:  The Account user will have full access to Browntape account I.e he will be able to view and edit the Browntape Account right from Orders to Notifiers. He/She would be able define the roles of other users as well.

       2. Operations Manager:  The operations manager will have full access to Browntape account except for Account/Billing section.

      3.  Inventory Manager: The inventory manager will be only able to view and edit the Inventory section. As an inventory manager logs into the Browntape account, he will be   directly redirected to the inventory section. 

      4. Fulfillment Manager: The fulfillment manager will only have access to the Orders and Shipments section. Default landing will be on orders page.

This feature would help you reduce ambiguity and reduce the scope of errors.