Browntape offers remittance and reconciliation for Ebay, Amazon, Shopclues & Flipkart channel currently. You will get all the details about the overall outstanding amount from each marketplace and the payments you have already received.

Can I get the break up of various deductions by marketplaces at the order level?

Yes, Browntape will give the order level break down for Ebay, Amazon & Flipkart orders. You can see the overall amount paid by the customer and the final amount remitted in your account for a particular order. Also, you would complete details of what were the various deductions like marketplace commission & ST on the commission, VAT applied ,shipping fees, warehouse fees(is any), cancellation charges, RTO charges and any other kind of deductions.


How is reconciliation and remittance helpful?


You get a complete insight in to the final payments being received weekly from the marketplaces. You can cross check for any manual/system errors that can happen for certain order in the commission applied or shipping fees charged. You can get a overall total of total VAT charged which can be offset against your purchases!


Remittance can help you anticipate your cash flows and working capital requirement. You have a fair idea about how much payment you can expect from various marketplaces in the coming week and if you have sufficient capital to up your sales. In case, you see there is surplus you can plan your procurement accordingly!