Marketplaces provide remittance report on specific intervals, these reports contain detailed information about settled orders (settled orders include remitted orders, zero remitted orders and negative remitted orders). 
Browntape’s remittance feature  allows user to drill down into these remittance reports and understand the payout for each order

Below illustrations will explain how remittance can be accessible and be helpful.

How remittance is calculated,

Total marketplace fees – Selling price

For eg: A customer paid Rs. 599 and the marketplace charges fees as shown below

Payment collection Fee = 20.00

Marketing Fee = 78.47

Courier fee = 50.00

Service Tax = 21.53

Total marketplace commission = 100.00

Total remitted amount = 429.00

This feature is further divided into 3 sets which are 

1. Unremitted Orders: Here you will see the orders which are still to be remitted.

2. Zero Remittance: This will show you the list of orders for which you haven’t received the remittance this happens in cases where the Shipping fee & Marketplace commission charged equals the selling price or the orders which are already shipped/delivered but the remittance was not being considered.

3. Negative Remittance: All the refund, cancelled and the orders whose Shipping fee & Marketplace commission exceeds the selling price will be displayed here with the final deductions & remitted value.

1. After logging in you will have to click on Orders

Click on Remittance --> Remittance Dashboard, this feature allows the user to have an overall view on the remittance activities where he can monitor the number of orders that are remitted, No. Of orders that are not remitted, No. Of orders remitted in Negative etc.

Once the dashboard appears as shown below the user can also use filter option to lookup for a specified period.

Remittance Dashboard will display channel wise data which includes Total Orders, Remitted Orders, Zero Remitted Orders Negative Remittance orders, Unremitted Orders & Remitted Percentage with a graph which reflects day-to-day activities for the specified period. Refer below example.

On the right, click on Remittance ---> View remittance as shown below.

On this page we can see channel wise reports which are further divided depending on the status of the orders, which includes Channel name, Remittance Title(Type of orders), Remittance Date, Type of orders, Prev. Balance, Remitted Amount, Carry over balance (If any) & No. Of orders in the report.

At this point one can also filter the orders with date, channel & order type the requirement is as shown below.

Once the report is clicked open you will see the list of orders for which you have received the remittance. This will show you a calculated list of the cash flows as shown below.

Once you open a particular order the list of deductions and earnings will be displayed which will include.

Marketplace commission, Shipping Fee, Service Tax, Marketing Fees (Differs channel-wise), Refund & Total remitted amount.

In this you can see the total fee paid to the Marketplace, End customer in case of refund/cancellations and payouts to the seller.

Unremitted Orders:

Here you can see all the orders which are not yet remitted for the past 15 days order more, the page will look like as shown below.

This also allows the user to filter the order with Date range & Channels i;e Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues etc. Refer below illustration.

Zero Remittance Orders:

Zero remittance is the list of orders for which the marketplace has not provided the payout or remittance due to issues like Order cancelled or other issue like the Selling Price is equal to the total commission charged by the marketplace etc. All those orders are reflected on this page.

Negative Remitted Orders:

On this page the user can see all the Refund, Returns, Cancelled orders with detailed deductions & remitted value. Negative remittance is calculated in case of Refunds & Returns, Cancelled orders & when Shipping fee & marketplace commission exceeds the selling price. As shown below you will be able to anticipate the payout/refunds given to the customer, fees deducted by the marketplaces and also see the remitted amount to your account.