Browntape is integrated with Tally ERP 9. To enable this feature please call our customer care as this is still a on request feature.

How does Tally integration work with Browntape software?

The user  will have to download and install a small program on your desktop (same as the one running Tally) depending on the . This program will connect to Browntape via our API and pull all the orders. Once the setup is complete the program will push orders into Tally installed on your desktop automatically on an interval of 2 hours if the program and the company in tally are open.

Setup & Configuration of Browntape Tally program and Tally ERP 9.0

Account Settings

Step 1: Download the Setup file depending on the System type: 64-bit Operating system or 32-bit Operating system 

Click on the respective links will automatically starts the setup download.

Step 2: Run the Setup File 

Step 3: Enter Browntape login credentials and API key.  

Step 4: Select your Tally company from the list and enter password if applicable.

Note: Make sure Tally is running & at least one company is opened.

Step 5: To add more tally companies by clicking on (+) icon.

Step 6: Once you select your Tally company, click on “Save” save the details and to fetch channel name and set up sync setting.

Step 7: List of channels added in your Browntape account with status of each channel will be fetched under SYNC SETTINGS once the details are saved under ACCOUNT SETTINGS. This section will show the list of companies added in account setup.  Once channel data is fetched, map each channel to Tally company. 

Note: You can activate or de-activate any channel in Browntape channel setting. 

Step 8: To Map Channels with Tally company , Select the Tally Company name against each Channel and Enter the ledger name for each channel.

Browntape-Tally program will create ledger name in respective companies for each channel and all the sales orders data will be saved under that ledger name. 

Note: If ledger already exists, then Browntape will enter sales voucher under same ledger. 

Step 9: Once you map the channels and enter ledger name for each channel then save the data by clicking on “Save” button.

Note: You do not have to map or enter ledger name each time you run the software. 

Sync Settings

Once channel setting is completed, the user can set-up Sync Settings. With Sync Setting, you can do the following: 

  • Decide whether to import order which will update inventory or to record only sales data by each channel which will not affect inventory. 
  • Automatically sync orders and inventory. 
  • Manually import orders from Browntape to tally. 
  • Manually update Browntape inventory from tally. 

Step 1: Setup Order Sync settings, You can select either of the below option to sync orders.

Option 1: “Sync orders and update inventory (Creates Item Invoice)” will sync sales order data in said period which will affect inventory. For this feature to function properly your Tally should have all the SKUs.

Option 2: “Sync orders without updating inventory (Create vouchers)” will enter sales data without any item information or inventory update in Tally. If you just want to record sales information by each channel then you can select this option. 

Step 2:  Toggle switch to “ON” or “OFF” Order Auto Sync.

If you want to sync orders automatically then you can switch on the toggle by dragging the circle to the right side.  You can stop auto sync by dragging circle to the left side. Browntape will check & enter sales data after a interval of 2 hours by default if the toggle is ON.

Browntape-Tally also allows the user to manually import the order from the Browntape account of a certain period in to Tally. To do so the user has to select the the “from” and “to” date range and click on SYNC ORDERS NOW. By clicking on SYNC ORDERS NOW button, all the orders in said period will be fetched from Browntape and recorded into Tally.  

Note: Browntape-Tally will only be able to fetch the data which is available on the Browntape software. 

By clicking on “SYNC ORDERS NOW” button pop-up will come with progress bar. You can cancel the import operation by clicking on “Cancel” button. Upon cancelling, the orders which are yet to be imported in to Tally will not get added but the orders before cancelling the operation will be recorded.

Browntape-Tally also allows the user to sync the inventory of the SKUs from Tally into Browntape, for this all the SKUs should be present with the current quantity in Tally. 

By clicking on “Sync Inventory Now” button, stock levels of all SKUs from Tally will be pushed to Browntape.

(Note: If the SKU code is not present in Browntape inventory, then all such SKUs will be ignored. So make sure that Tally and Browntape inventory matches before doing this). 

Sync History

Browntape-Tally software will record all the order and inventory sync activities with status such as the activity is failed, completed or partially completed along with date and time stamp.  You can download the report of each sync operation. 

Start Time Column: In this column you will be able to know when the sync activity was started.

Sync Type Column: In this column you will be able to check whether the activity was to update inventory from Tally to Browntape or to Import orders from Browntape to Tally. 

Details Column: Click on “Download” button to download report in excel/csv format which will contain all the order/inventory data which has been synced with comments for each order/SKU with error/success message. 

Status Column: The Status column will show the progress of the operation. Status of each activity is shown below.

In Progress
When the Sync operation is running.
when the sync successfully completes without any errors.
Partially Completed
When some part of the sync successfully completes and some part fails. The report will show which ones failed. You can retry by clicking 'Retry'.
When sync operation completely fails due to internet connection not being there or server being unresponsive, Tally not running, etc. You can retry by clicking 'Retry'.

You can also use a filter option to check only one type of sync. 

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