Inventory is often the largest item in the current assets category, and must be accurately counted and valued at the end of each accounting period to determine a company's profit or loss.

It is used to 

1.Review the status of the inventory by location, time period, and so on. 

2.Review the profitability, turnover, demand, and so on, for the inventory.

3.Review discrepancies between item information and accounting information.

Browntapes Inventory reports includes the following types of reports:

1. LSP(Least Selling Price) Updated Report

This report will show the stock for SKUs where LSP has been updated within the date values mentioned.

Sku TitleSku CodeLeast Selling Price(INR)
Iphone 5s goldG1204250

2. Stock Report

This report will display the opening and closing stock level. If consignments have been already created it will show the values for the same.

Sku TitleSku CodeOpening StockOpening Stock Value (INR)Closing StockPending DispatchClosing Stock Value (INR)Warehouse
Iphone 6 GoldIPHONE-GO0090387000default
Iphone 6 SilverIPHONE-SI009414000default

3. Stock Updated Report

This report will show you the current stock for the SKUs which has been updated within the date values mentioned.

Sku TitleSku CodeCurrent Stock
Iphone 6 GoldIPHONE-GO9
Iphone 6 SilverIPHONE-SI9

4. Inventory Report

This report will show the Products and SKUs that are listed, as well as displays the stock levels. You can also download it from the Inventory page.

Product TitleProduct VariationsSKU TitleSKU CodeSKU LengthSKU DepthSKU HeightSKU WeightSKU VariationIn StockPending DispatchTotal StockSku Low Stock Alert LevelIs Low
Iphone 6color:gold; color:silver; color:space greyIphone 6 GoldIPHONE-GO000