In order to add you eBay account to Browntape, follow these steps after logging in to your Browntape account:

1. On any page, click on ‘Channels’ link in the left side bar. (This will take you to the Channels section where all compatible channel integrations will be shown.)
2. Click on ‘Add this’ under the eBay icon

3. You will be redirected to the eBay login page
4. Log in with your eBay login ID and password
5. On the page that asks for permission, click on 'allow'. This will take you back to Browntape and your ebay channel will be added.

Note for eBay Powership users: If you use eBay's Powership program, then you will need to do an additional setting in order to enable the shipping information sync between eBay and Browntape.

General Note: The above procedure works for eBay accounts in other countries like US, UK and Australia as well (for those accounts the additional settings for Powership are not required).

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