At times you might have a channel of sales which Browntape is not integrated with. For example, or your offline store.

With very little manual work every day, you can get the orders from such channels on Browntape.


Adding Offline store:

Step 1:
Under “Add new channel”,  click on “Add this” below the offline store channel.

Step 2:

This opens a dialogue box where you choose a NAME for your offline store channel.
You can choose any name like PepperFry and click on the “Add channel”. 

 Step 3:

You can see that a new offline channel has been added to your Browntape account. It's called  PepperFry.


Adding orders in Bulk on Browntape:

Step 1:

On the channels page, go to the settings under your offline store.

Step 2:

Here you would find a sample CSV to upload orders on Browntape. You could download a CSV of the same format from the 'Download Blank CSV'  link highlighted below:

Step 3:

Fill the blank CSV with all the relevant detail about your orders. Please note all the fields are mandatory for the file to be uploaded.

Step 4:

Upload this file using the 'Upload data' feature.

Step 5:

Drag and drop the CSV file in the space provided. You could also upload the file using 'Pick file' option. Upload data by submitting the same.

Step 6:

The file will get imported as you could see from the 'Channel Uploads' page.

Step 7:

Check if all the orders have been uploaded on the Orders page.

So now you know how to upload your offline orders with 5-10 minutes of effort every day.

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