Before you begin:

Contact your Account Manager at TataCliQ to activate API access on your account by providing your Seller ID.

Note down the following things by logging in to your TataCliq Seller Panel via the slave account credentials.

  1. TataCliq Seller ID
  2. TataCliq Slave code(s) (If there are more than one Seller locations registered on TataCliq, each location will have a unique slave code associated with it. Note down each of these slave codes)
  3. TataCliq Slave Account login credentials. (if you have more than one slave account on TataCliq, credentials of anyone slave account can be noted)

Once your API access is activated by TataCliQ:

1. Log into Browntape > Channels > Click ‘Add a Channel’ > TataCliQ > Click ‘Add this’

2. Enter details asked on the screen:
Custom Title (Eg. TataCliq); Channel Shortcode (Eg. TUL); Your TataCliq Merchant ID /Seller ID;
                    Click ‘Add Channel’

3. Go to Channels > TataCliq > Settings
Tatacliq Username (Slave account Username used to login to the TataCliq Seller Portal)
Tatacliq Password (Slave account Password used to login to the TataCliq Seller Portal)
Currency (Set as INR)

Note: If you have more than one slave account on TataCliq, credentials of anyone slave account should be entered here.

4. Scroll down  on the same page to the Warehouse & VAT Setting
Click on Channel Warehouse code: which would be set as null initially.
                 This will open a textbox. Enter the respective Slave code to map the Browntape warehouse to the corresponding TataCliq Seller Location. In case of multiple locations, please ensure that the correct Browntape Warehouse - TataCliq Slave code mapping is done.

Enabling Store Hopping
If you have many stores added on your TataCliq channel, you can enable store hopping for your orders.

Here's how store hopping works:
  • When a new order is fetched from TataCliq, it will be in "pending acceptance" state. Say this order was allocated to store A by Tata Cliq.
  • The store will be able to Accept/Reject the orders from the Orders Page > New Tab.
  • If rejected, BT will update TataCliq of the store rejection.
  • After sometime, TataCliq may assign the order to store B.
  • This update will be fetched in BT and you will see the order again in "pending acceptance" state, but allocated to store B.