To add Magento 2.x as a channel in Browntape, follow these steps:

  1. In order to import your data from Magento into Browntape you will need a Magento API key. To find that, follow these steps:

  2. Login to your Magento admin panel

  3. Create a Role by following these steps:

    1. From the Magento Dashboard go to System > Permissions > User Roles:

    2. Click Add New Role

    3. Under Role Information, click Role name and type in "Everything" and Click Save Role.

    4. Under Role Information, click Role Resources

    5. From the dropdown list near Resource Access, select "All" and then Click Save Role

  4. Once you have created a role, you have to Create a User with the following steps:
    1. Click System in the side menu and go to Permissions > All users:

    2. Click Add New User
    3. Pick a Username and Password (to be used as API Key) of your choice. Please note these down since you will need this information to add a Magento channel to Browntape.

    4. Once you have filled out all the fields, Click Save User

    5. The last step is to add User to the Role you created on Magento:

      1. Under User Information click User Role

      2. Select the Role you created in the first step

      3. Click Save User

    6. Once you have completed these steps, Log in to your Browntape account

    7. Click on ‘Channels’

    8. From the list of compatible channels, click on ‘Add this’ under the Magento icon

    9. In the form that pops out, enter your Magento store's Email id and your Magento store's URL.

    10. Enter the Username and Password(API Key) you set in the previous steps.

    11. Click on the Add Channel button
    12. Once the Channel is added successfully if you are operating with a single warehouse on Magento, then

      you’re done! Now your orders from your Magento site will start flowing into Browntape automatically.

    13. If you are operating with a multi-warehouse setup on Magento(multiple sources configured) then the following things need to be configured in Browntape for the Magento Channel:

      1. Enable the "Multi-Warehouse Inventory Sync" Switch

      2. Map the Magento Sources to the respective Browntape Warehouses.