Due to some technical issues at Paytm, Browntape's integration with Paytm is temporarily broken. Currently Browntape will not be able to fetch your orders nor will be able to change the inventory on Paytm. 

You can manually add your Paytm order to Browntape once or twice a day depending on your functionality.  

Adding Paytm orders in Bulk on Browntape:

Step 1: Login to your Paytm seller panel and Download CSV of all the order in the ALL ORDERS tab 

Step 2: Login to your Browntape account and on the channels page, click on settings under the Paytm channel.

Step 3: Click on Upload data for Paytm.

Step 4: Click on Pick File or Drag and drop the CSV file downloaded from Paytm in the space provided. Click on Upload data to complete the process.

All your Paytm orders have been uploaded on the Orders page.