Rediff has a separate panel for book sellers under which the seller's are not able to view the products, Which makes is difficult to view any of the listings made on Rediff. The panel for books only allowed download of the entire product sheet or search individually by SKU. Which is why neither orders nor the inventory of the account was syncing with Browntape.

To enable the Rediff Books account on Browntape kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Login to your Browntape account

2. Click on Channels (Click on add channel if the Rediff channel is not added to Browntape)

3. Click on Setting under Rediff

4.Once the page redirects to the settings pages, Scroll the page down to Rediff Advance Setting to toggle the setting ON

Once the setting is ON Browntape will be able to Map the SKUs and will be able to change the inventory on the Rediff Books Panel.