Order Sync:

When you add any channel to Browntape, it ideally fetches one months data from the market place if available. This is controlled by an option known as Order Sync. It allows the user to choose if the data available is required on Browntape or not.

This can be achieved as follows:

If the order sync is turned ON then Browntape will synchronize with the channel and will fetch the data.

If the order sync is turned OFF then Browntape will not synchronize with the channel so will not fetch the data.

Please note that the order is turned off initially by default.

Inventory Sync:

Once the channels are added to Browntape, it allows Browntape to act as a administrator and the inventory will be synchronized as per the update in Browntape. However it is important to complete mapping of SKUs so that the inventory can be managed accurately from Browntape to the channels. This can be controlled by an option known as Inventory sync. 

This option can be used as follows:
If the Inventory sync is turned ON then the quantities updated in Browntape will reflect across all the market places. This may not be ideal if the SKUs are not mapped on Browntape since all the orders will be fetched and can be processed but product quantity will not be accurate count if that particular sku is not updated or mapped on Browntape.

If the Inventory sync is turned off then Browntape is not accountable for the inventory quantity count on the marketplaces. This can be reversed as mentioned above once it is ensured that all the product SKUs from the marketplaces for different channels are updated on Browntape as well. 

Please note that the inventory sync is turned off initially by default.

The Inventory sync can be manged from Inventory section as well with below steps:-

1. Click on Inventory tab.
2. click on Settings.
3. Turn the toggle to right to turn the inventory sync ON.

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