With the Magento custom status mapping feature, Users will now be able to map the Custom statuses on Magento seller panel with Browntape Statuses. This will allow each user to map the status according to their understanding and usage. If the Magento statuses are not mapped with Browntape statuses the default settings will be used by default. 

Order status mapping between Magento and Browntape allows Browntape to show the correct fulfillment and financial statuses based on the order status as on Magento. If the order statuses are not fully and correctly mapped, there are chances that orders may get missed out from being processed, so make sure that ALL your Magento statuses are mapped onto Browntape Fulfillment and Financial status.

To Custom Map your Magento status with Browntape kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Log into your Browntape account

Step 2: Click on the Channels to open the Amazon Batch.

Step 3: Click Settings under Magento 

Step 4: Click on Order Status Mapping

By default the standard Magento status will be displayed on Browntape.

Step 5: Click on ADD to map the Magento status to Browntape Status.

Step 6: Type the Magento status in the provided space

For Eg:  pending 

Step 7: Select the fulfillment status from the Drop Down under Fulfillment Status.

For eg: On Hold

Step 8: Select the financial status from the Drop Down under Payment Status.

For eg: unpaid

Step 9: click on save to map the status on Browntape.

Map all the status accordingly so that the orders can be properly fetched on Browntape.

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