New updates: Download eBay Labels | Declaration letter | Order Statement | Manifest (Refer to point 6)

For eBay India you need to do a two-fold connect with Browntape. After adding eBay on Browntape, log in to Browntape, click on ‘Channels’ then click on settings and once again provide your eBay India login ID and password. 


When processing eBay orders through Browntape the software detects eBay accounts on the shipping batch page and reflects the connectivity status of the channel as in the image below. 

 In case it is not connected the software will prompt you to connect it again.

 If you are using the eBay India Powership Program, you can process your order as follows:

1. Log in to your Browntape account

2. Use the filters to Select all the Ebay Powership order fetched to Browntape.

3. Once all the order are filtered and selected, Click on Create Shipping Batch. 

4. Click on the Batch number to open the shipping batch created which contains all the selected orders. 

5. On the shipping batch page select the orders that you would like to process by ticking the check boxes next to them and mark them as Ready To Ship.

6. Browntape will then update the information on eBay and will fetch the Courier Company and the AWB number from eBay.

7. Once the Courier details are fetched to Browntape, Browntape will Fetch the Labels, Declaration letter, Order Statement and the Manifest from eBay. 



Note: To Download the labels Individually for each order click on Download Shipping Labels as shown below:


If you wish to download all the Labels In bulk kindly click on BULK FETCH LABELS to fetch the labels to Browntape and click on PRINT BULK LABELS to download and print the Labels, Declaration letter, Order Statement and the Manifest.