Follow these steps to process the order:

Step 1: Batching

  1. Select the orders that you would like to ship in one batch and click on 'Create a shipping batch'

  2. If you are an ebay powership user, follow these steps>>
  3. For other marketplaces, follow the next steps

Step 2: Assigning AWB#s to shipments

  1. If your business has tied up with a courier company for bulk pre-allocated AWBs, click on the 'Assign Unused AWBs' button to assign the orders with AWB numbers. Find out more about working with pre-allocated AWBs here>>
  2. If you do not have pre-allocated AWBS, you can skip this step now and enter the AWBs after step 8

Step 3: Printing (Pick List, Pack List, Labels)

  1. As soon as you create shipping batches, Browntape automatically creates 3 lists for you. The pick list, pack list and shipping labels.
  2. Print out the pick list, pack list and the shipping labels according to your requirements.
  3. For more details about Pick lists and pack lists, click here>>
  4. For more details about Shipping labels, click here>>

Step 4: Picking

With the help of the Pick list printed in step 3, get products picked up from the warehouse for the concerned shipping batch.

Step 5: Packing

With the help of the Pack list printed in step 3, get your packing team to pack the orders and label them accordingly.

Step 6: Marking Ready to Ship

If you are using ebay powership and/or shopclues, Mark your orders as 'Ready to ship' and browntape will fetch the AWB numbers automatically. A marketplace recommended courier company will come to pick up your package.

Note: In case of marketplaces where marking  Ready To Ship fetches AWBs, this step will have to be completed at step 2 so that the AWB# barcode can be printed on the shipping label.

Step 7: Manifesting

A manifest keeps record of all the products and orders being handed over for shipping. In some marketplaces like snapdeal, it is compulsory to share the manifest details with the marketplace. To see a step by step guide of how to create a manifest, click here>>

Step 8: Shipping

Ship your products with the concerned courier and mark the shipment as shipped. Update the AWB numbers if you already haven't. Browntape will take care of tracking the shipments for you.

Please check out our video which explains the complete process.