Before Processing Flipkart orders from Browntape, You need to go to channels and Click on settings under Flipkart. Click on Enable API to fetch the Flipkart API settings. Incase if the Flipkart Seller API details are not fetched even after clicking on Enable API kindly refer to the link to manually update the Flipkart  Seller API details.

To process orders that flow in from Flipkart you need to follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Browntape account

2. Select all the new order that are fetched to Browntape and are in the processing stage.

3. Click on Create Shipping Batch 

4. A shipping batch will be created which will contain all the selected order. 


5. Select all the order and mark them as Ready To Ship.


5. As soon as the orders are marked as Ready To Ship Browntape will fetch the courier details for the orders and you can see the message that the labels are downloaded.


6. Select all the order again and mark them as Shipped using the Mark as Shipped option.


7. Go to Marketplace fulfilled select all the orders then click on print as one pdf and download the labels.


8. Save or print the labels which are fetched from Flipkart.

9. Select all the orders in the Shipping Batch and click on Create Manifest and choose the Create manifest in bulk or Manifest for Ekart to generate the manifest from Flipkart.


10. Click on the Manifest ID

11. Click on Create Manifest to fetch the manifest from Flipkart

12. Once the manifest is fetched from Flipkart click on Download Channel Manifest.

13. Save or print the Manifest which are fetched from Flipkart.