Before Processing Jabong orders from Browntape, you need click under setting and fill up the necessary details.

To process orders that flow in from Jabong you need to follow the steps below:

Log in to your Browntape account


2. Select all the new order that are fetched to Browntape and are in the processing stage.


3. Click on Create Shipping Batch 

4. A shipping batch will be created which will contain all the selected order. 

5. Select all the order and mark them as Ready To Ship.

6. Incase if seller has no stock for a particular SKU, the seller can edit the same by clicking on the pencil logo next to the SKU.

For example if PO contain 10 item and one SKU has 4 quantity incase if seller has only 3 quantity of the SKU in stock  than seller change quantity from 4 to 3.

7. Click on Labels drop down and click on Bulk Labels Fetch.

8. Click on Labels drop down again and click on Bulk Print Labels to print the labels fetched from Jabong.

9. Save or Print the labels downloaded.

10. Click in labels again and Click on Invoices to download the Jabong Invoice.

11. Save or print the Jabong invoice.