To process orders that flow in from Shopclues you need to follow the steps below:

1. Select all the Shopclues orders and create a shipping batch by clicking on Create Shipping Batch. Click on the Batch number and open the batch.

2. Click on the check box and select all the orders in the shipping batch: 

3. Go to Marketplace Fulfilled and Click on Fetch Channel Labels. The page will refresh and fetch the Labels & courier details for the orders: 

4. Go to Marketplace Fulfilled again and click on Print as One PDF to print the labels generated from Shopclues, In case of single order you can also use the Download Shipping Label on the right corner of the order as shown below:

5. Select all the orders and click on Create Manifest. Choose Manifest for a single courier or Create Manifest in Bulk

6. Click on the Manifest Number (For eg: Manifest#91) to open the Manifest created on Browntape: 

7. Select all the orders and click on Create Channel Manifest:

8. Once the manifest is generated in Browntape click on Download Channel Manifest