Browntape has introduced a new feature through which the sellers can download the EasyShip orders into direct format of Excel which can be uploaded on the Amazon EasyShip panel. This file contains shipping details such as order, weight, dimensions and time slot. The data you submit will be used to schedule Easyship pickup and purchase shipping labels for the given orders.

Please refer to the steps mentioned below to download and upload the file in Amazon:

1. Log into your Browntape account

2. Click on the Shipping Batch to open the Amazon Batch.

3. Click on Easy Ship Schedule pickup sheet.

4. Click on Easy Ship Schedule pickup sheet to download the excel sheet in Amazon format.

5. Click on Login to Seller Panel.

6. Click on Upload Order Related Files under the Orders Tab.

7. Click on Choose file followed by Upload Product under the Schedule Pickup 

8. Once the file has been uploaded click on Refresh button refresh the File Status.
9. Click on Download Shipping Label to generated all the labels in a single PDF.