• Filtering on Orders Page: We have introduced filtering on all the columns on the Orders page. 
Now the user can filter orders using various criterias such as From (Channel Name), Order Type (SD Oneship, Amazon FBA, Amazon Easyship, Flipkart Advantage), Invoice Number, Customer name, Product name & SKU, Shipping Address, Price range i:e Rs100 - Rs1000, Shipping Fee, Financial Status of Order i:e PAID, COD, Unpaid, Cancelled - Processing, Packing, Ready to ship, Shipped etc, Date Range.

Below examples will help you understand.

Filter with Channel: The user can filter the orders with the respective channel needed as shown below.

Order Type: As shown in the below figure the user can also filter with the type of orders i:e Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Easyship, Amazon FBA etc.

Filter using Invoice Number: Here the user have to enter the specified invoice number of the order for lookup, refer below example.

Filter with Customer Name: This feature allows the user to search a specific order by entering the customers name in the cell.

Filter with Product name or SKU: This will also help the user to find the orders using the Product name or SKU.

Filter with Ship To State: This allows the user to search the orders using the Shipping State.

Filter with Price Range: Here the user can filter the orders using the selling price of the products.

Filter with Shipping Fee: This allows the user to filter the orders using the Shipping Fee.

Filter with Financial Status (Is): User can also filter using the status of the order i:e Paid, COD, Packing, Shipped etc.

Filter with Date range: This will give user an easy access to filter the orders using dates.