You will find an option to print pick and pack lists under ‘Batches’ in ‘Shipments’. You will notice that the printing option is offered under every Shipping Batch that has been made. These options are offered under each batch as a pick list and pack list is a guide to the orders and products respectively, within the batch.

A shipping Batch:


This shipping batch contains three orders. Out of which two orders are multi-item orders. 

Pick List

A Pick list is printed and handed to an employee picking up all the products from the warehouse. The pick list mentions all the products that need to be brought to packers along with their SKU codes and names. 

For the Shipping batch in the image above the pick list will be 

Pack list

A pack list consists of all the orders within a shipping batch. A pack list will be used by packers that are organising and packing products as per orders. A pack list will mention all the details regarding an order.

For the Shipping batch above the pack list will be