Manifests are documents that need to be maintained by the person handing over the orders or shipping batches to a courier company/boy. A manifest keeps record of all the products and orders being handed over for shipping. Note that manifests contain products that are handed to a single courier company, regardless of which shipping batch they are added to. A manifest must display the signature of the person handing over the batch and the person receiving it. 

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on ‘Orders’

3. Click on ‘Manifests’

4. Click on ‘Create New Manifest’

5. Select the Shipping Provider from drop down menu

6. Write the name of the Courier Boy

7. Note the Courier Boy’s phone number

8. You can choose to scan your order barcode or manually key it in

9. Click on ‘Create Manifest’

10. Take a print of the Manifest created

11. Sign it and get the signature of the courier boy