What is an AWB?

Air Waybill (AWB) or air consignment note refers to a receipt issued for goods and an evidence of the contract of carriage, but it is not a document of title to the goods. It basically refers to the tracking number provided by the courier.

Bulk Upload AWB feature on Browntape helps you to upload all the AWB's which you have on to the Browntape panel so that you would not have to add tracking numbers to the orders individually while shipping them.

Here's how you bulk upload the AWB :

  • Go to Shipments.
  • Select Unused AWBs beside the Batches option.
  • Select the Courier name.
  • Select the type of order COD or Non-COD.
  • Pick a file and drop it in the space provided to upload the AWBs.
  • Click on Save AWB number.

Once the AWB file is uploaded, you may assign these tracking numbers to your shipments as described below:

  • Go to Shipments tab.
  • Open the Batch where you need to assign the AWBs to the orders.
  • Click on 'Assign Unused AWBs'.
  • Watch all the fields with the tracking number and the carrier name get auto-populated.

So this is how simple it is to enter the tracking numbers to all your shipments at once.