We have introduced a feature where users can define settings to create shipping batches automatically. You don’t need to create shipping batches manually daily for processing orders. Browntape creates them for you. Just select the channels, Weekly Days and Time when auto batches to be created. 

How to set automated shipping batches. 

  • On the left hand side navigation click on shipments. 

  • Click on automate batch creation button.

  • You will land on Automate batch creation page. Switch on the toggle to open batch automate batch creation settings. 

  • Once you switch On the toggle auto batch creation settings will be shown. 

  • Now select the channels for which you would like to set automatic batch creations. 

  • Select the time when the batch should get created For Eg: If you need a batch of new orders to be created early morning at 8 AM. Select the time as 8 AM. 

  • User can select multiple time slots for single channel by clicking Plus sign against the select time dropdown. To create multiple batches at different times for single channel.

  • Option is also provided to download shipping labels automatically which will queue a Ready to Ship call to channel and fetch labels from channel. 

  • Similarly more channels can be selected and day/time-wise selection can be done for auto batch creation. 

Email Shipping label and Standard Report options:

  • User can select to email the shipping batch links and shipping label paths to their email id added in browntape account. 

  • Once this settings are done just click on the save button below and auto batch creation will start creating batches automatically. 


Please note in the case of Amazon SFWI and Amazon Vendor DF  orders auto batch will be created but auto RTS will not be triggered as Amazon doesnt allow bulk processing of orders, to be processed by scanning individual sku via Scan & Print.

Get in touch with support team for any queries.