To Integrate Shiprocket with Browntape, the user will have to follow below steps.

Points to Note during Setup: 

For API access to be activated on Shiprocket: 

Login to the Shiprocket panel, in the left pane, click on API -> Create an API User -> Add Email and Password -> Generate API Credentials. 

Adding Shiprocket as a Courier in Browntape

User can add Shiprocket as a courier service in their BT Account from Shipments -> Couriers -> Add Courier, illustration below.

Then add the API credentials generated on Shiprocket account while adding Shiprocket as a courier in BT.

Shiprocket Pickup Address to BT Warehouse mapping:

The Pickup Address Nickname defined on Shiprocket (Settings -> Company -> Pickup Address) has to be added as the Warehouse Shortcode in BT. Illustration below

In Browntape, add the above shortcode under Invoicing Companies --> Warehouses --> Edit warehouse --> Warehouse Shortcode*

If The Pickup Address Nickname is more than 5 characters, please edit it on Shiprocket panel to make sure that it is max 5 characters long to comply with the BT Warehouse Shortcode limit.

While processing orders, select Shiprocket as the courier service. Based on the courier priority rules defined on the Shiprocket account the Courier company will be assigned and shipment will be booked. 

The Ship Label and the tracking details will get saved in Browntape against the BT order.