The article below will help you understand the purpose of an Inventory in BrownTape and also will help you manage your stocks in a better way.

If you have a business of selling products Online (via Internet), then you will also understand the importance of managing the products from one single panel. Doing an online business in today’s world is very difficult but with BrownTape you will find everything that you need to manage your business under one roof. Keeping in mind, the importance of a business for a Seller, BrownTape has integrated “Inventory” which will help the seller to manage and list the products across several market places like, Amazon, Ebay, SnapDeal, etc.

Managing the stocks for your products that are listed is a feature that a seller can manage his Inventory by.

You can follow the instructions below on how to manage stocks –

>  Access Manage Stocks, as shown in the screen snap below –

Each feature listed above, will help you manage the stock in an organized manner. The headings are hyperlinks which would re-direct to their respective help pages.

Bulk Add Products – You can upload products in a CSV format, a compatible format that BrownTape allows to use. You can download the Blank CSV format and add the order details and upload the file.

Bulk Stock Reset – You can download a Blank CSV format and upload the new stock list for the products that is listed across all the Market Places. You need to upload the details as displayed in the CSV.

Bulk LSP Reset – LSP is Least Selling Price, and you can use the Bulk tool to reset the SP for multiple products. All you need to do is download the blank CSV file and upload the details, as displayed in the CSV.

Consignments – You can use this option anytime, to add new consignments, that you receive from your vendor. Use the New Consignment tab to add and enter the details. You can either key in the details in their respective columns OR you can use the blank CSV format to fill in the details and upload.

Stock Adjustments – You can use this feature to adjust your existing stocks. In case of an error, you can always use this option to correct the number of stocks for the respective products.

Bundles – If you wish to create multi-item offers, you can use this feature to club two or more products to as a single bundle.

Product Families - Product Family defines the kind of category your product belongs to. For example: A 'white mobile cover' belongs to the product family of mobile accessories, whereas a 'white Apple I-phone' would belong to 'mobile devices'.