When you make a selection for time period, eg. ‘Last 7 days’, the statistics and charts display performance ratings in comparison to the 7 days prior to the time period selected.

In case you choose to view Sales, Items or Customer statistics from 8th Feb 2014 to 14th Feb 2014 then the statistics displayed will be calculated by comparing the performance between the selected time-period against the performance from 1st Feb 2014 to 7th Feb 2014.

Since it is a comparison the numbers that flash in green are a positive improvement in comparison to the preceding time-period. In case the numbers flash in Red then it is a pointer to the slipping of performance in the particular section of sales, items or customers.

Scroll down and the overview dashboard also gives you a detailed analysis of various orders by location and most successful days and times of sale, over different channels.

Please do refer to our video regarding the same.