On the Analytics Dashboard of Browntape, you could check the performance (how often they are selling) of your listings.

You could group the products in the following ways:

1. Group by Items( As found on channels):

  This provides you with the details of each item as on each channel. The details include:

  1. Total number of items sold on each channel
  2. Total revenue from that item
  3. Trend of the item being sold
  4. Frequency of the sale

2. Group by Product (SKU):

 This option helps you get the performance of each product on all the channels. The difference between this and the earlier option is that this does not          differentiate as per the channels. 

3. Group by Product Family:

  This grouping helps you get the performance of each product family.

 You may also check the ranking as per the best performing and the worst performing product. This feature helps you get an overall idea of sales.