Feature released on 20th November 2015

In the shipping batches page, we have introduced Order View, Marketplace Fulfilled, Seller Fulfilled, SKU View which will show relevant orders. This will help the seller to identify the type of order on basis of fulfillment, as well as the seller can view the SKUs for which the orders in the batch on a single tab.

1. Order View Tab: 

The order view tab will show all the orders of a particular marketplace added to the batch. The order view tab will include the Marketplace Fulfilled as well as the Seller Fulfilled order. 

2. Marketplace Fulfilled Tab: 

The Marketplace Fulfilled tab will include all the order for which the marketplace assigns the courier company. 

3. Seller Fulfilled Tab:

This tab will include the order for which the seller has to assign and ship through a courier company, In the seller fulfilled order the seller can choose from any given couriers which is economical and convenient. 

4. SKU View Tab:

SKU view tab will show the Mapped as well as Unmapped SKUs of the orders added to the batch, This view will enable the seller to view all the SKUs togather in one tab and identify which SKUs he will need to fulfill the order.