SKU Alias:

When you are selling on multiple platforms, it is not always possible that the products have unique SKU codes on all the sites. SKU alias is a feature which helps you link different SKUs to one parent SKU so that your inventory is centralized on Browntape.

Please note, the alias SKU could not be repeated for other products. For example: If you have mentioned the SKU of a product in eBay as ABC and as XYZ for the same product on Amazon, you could use SKU alias feature to link them and manage inventory. However, you could not use XYZ or ABC as an SKU for any other product on any of the marketplaces. 

Following are the steps to alias your SKUs:

Step 1:

Hover your mouse over the SKU of the product you have uploaded. You will see a option called 'Add/Remove alias'. 

Step 2:

This opens a window where you could add the alias SKU to the existing one and click on 'Save'

Bulk Upload SKU Alias:

For aliasing of products in Bulk, you could use our 'Bulk Upload SKU Aliases' feature.

This helps you do a CSV upload for all the products in one go. You could download the CSV file as shown below and punch in the details as shown in sample format. Once, the file is complete, just drag-drop/upload the same in the space provided.

 You could also download a CSV to check the list of current SKU aliases.

So now you could have a centralized inventory for all the products on different marketplaces.

Note: You would need to do this only if your products are listed with different SKU codes on different marketplaces. If you have a unique SKU code everywhere, SKU aliasing is not required.