Follow these steps when adding a product:

  1. Login to your Browntape account
  2. Click on ‘Inventory
  3. Click on ‘Add a product
  4. Check the box which says ‘This product has multiple variations’.

    Checking the box will display additional fields below it where you can 
    define the attribute 'type' and their 'values' (see image below for an example).

  5. Click on ‘Create product and SKU’. This will create all the possible combinations of the attributes as product's variants and display them on the next screen. You can disable unwanted variantsthat you don't sell and these will not show up in the inventory later on (you can enable them later if you start selling them).

  6. Enter the SKU codes and opening stock for each variant along with the ‘Dimensions, Cost and Stock’ at the bottom of the page which is optional. (You can choose to key in a pre-defined SKU code or continue with the SKU generated by Browntape).
  7. At this point a product will get linked to listings on various channels only if the product SKUs are same on all channels. In case of different SKUs you can link the two different SKUs in this step.