Say you have two products in your inventory that you would like to combine into an offer. For example, Buy an iPhone5 and get a screen protector free. You can create a Bundle and connect this to your listing and relax. Browntape watches and manages your inventory accordingly. As an order comes for the bundle, the stock for each product linked will be adjusted automatically.

Follow these steps to make your bundle:

1. In the Bundles tab, click on the Create a Bundle button

2. In the Create bundle form, Give a name to your bundle and assign a unique SKU code for the bundle.

3. Start typing in the names of the products you would like to add to the bundle. Browntape will autocomplete the names for you.

4. Choose the quantity for each product inside the bundle. In our existing case, it will be 1 each. 

5. If you want to add more products, you can do so by clicking on the ‘+ add more’ option.

6. Once you have keyed in all products, click on Create Bundle button.


That’s it. Your bundle is created and ready to go. 


In each marketplace, create products with the SKU code you have assigned here, and Browntape will automatically map the bundle and take care of the inventory management for you. When your stock gets dangerously low, you will also receive alerts from Browntape so you can plan your stock accordingly.