If you have received a new consignment from a vendor and would like to do a bulk update of new stock please follow these steps.

You can also Bulk reset stock for products by using the stock adjustments option. 

Otherwise, you can update them directly on the Stock page in the inventory section with the following steps:

  1. Click on the stock number.

  2. In the popup, select whether you want to increase or decrease the stock by new/depleted stock
  3. In the space below this, type in the amount by which you want to increase/decrease it by. For example, if you have 5 pieces of an existing item and sold 3 offline, select 'Decrease by' and type 3 is the space below.
  4. Select a reason for stock change from the drop down. You can select 'Others' option if you can't find your reason in the dropdown and type out the reason for your reference.

  5. Your stock will now be updated across all marketplaces.