You can bulk set the skus stocks for channel via a CSV file. This is a feature that is especially important for eBay in which accounts have limit on the number of SKU’s it can sell.

Example: Say I have 10 stock of SKU A, and on marketplace X I want to show 4 and on Y I want to show 10. In Browntape now you will be able to set what value you want to publish on a particular marketplace, i.e now it is possible for you to show 4 on X and 10 on Y. Now suppose one order comes from channel Y. The stock quantity will become 9, but as 9 > 4, the value in channel X will be 4 only. If the stock goes below 4, it will go down on X as well.

Steps to set set the Sku Stocks for Channel

1. Login to your Browntape account 

2. Go to Inventory

3. Click on Set Channel SKU Stock under the Manage stock dropdown.

4. Select the Channel for which you wish to set the Sku Stock.

5. Click on Download Snapshot to download the Skus on the selected Channel

6. Enter the Stock value in the quantity column corresponding to the Sku

7. Save the file in .csv format and upload the file in Browntape.