To Sync Myntra inventory with Browntape kindly follow the procedure given below:

1. Login to Myntra Uniware and download the Myntra Vendor Catalog

    You will see a "Product code" column(Uniware) corresponding to your SKUs code. This Product code is the unique code which is generated by Myntra to identify the products.

2. Login to your Browntape panel and Click on Inventory Tab

3. Click on Bulk Upload Skus Aliases

4. Download blank CSV format"

5. In this file you need to fill in all your SKU codes under "SKU" title and the corresponding Product Codes from Myntra under "Aliases".

6. Save this file in CSV format.

7. Either select  "Pick file or Drop file here" to select the SKU aliases file.

8. Click on Upload SKU Aliases

Your file will be processed and all your SKUs from Myntra will be mapped on Browntape.