To start using BIN WMS, raise a request to your account manager for enabling the BIN WMS feature by providing the Warehouse ID, Warehouse Name & list of all BIN codes used for Good & Bad Inventory.

Once activated, you can access it via Inventory > Warehouses > Bin WMS


Here you can see all the bin codes created for the warehouse.


Stock Inwarding: 

  • To inward stock in any of the BINs created, click on Inward > Putaway

  • Scan or type-in the BIN code

  • Scan or type-in the SKU code you want to inward in the bin.

  • Click on Save Putaway.


Stock Outward: Once an order is received, the system shall automatically reserve stock from the BIN which has the least available good stock of that SKU. 


To start picking, follow the below steps:

  • Create a Batch of orders to be processed
  • Open BIN WMS dashboard (Inventory > Warehouses > Bin WMS)
  • Select Outward > Picking by Batch 

  • Select the Batch Number from the dropdown. On selecting the batch, it will then show all the BIN codes from where you need to do the picking.

  • Click on Print Binwise Picklist to download the picklist pdf

  • Scan or type-in the Bin Code. On selecting the Bin code, it will then show all the SKU codes & the qtys to be picked from that bin.

  • Scan or type-in the SKU Code while picking.
  • Repeat the same process to pick from all the other bins
  • Click on Save Picking once done.

Other bin management options: Click on  BIN WMS > Management for the below functionalities.

  • Bins: To view all the bin codes created in Browntape and their respective bin types
  • Bin Stock: To view all the SKUs available in any particular bin and to know its available and reserved qtys
  • SKUs in Bins: To view the availability of an SKU code in different bins.
  • Bin Audit: To perform rechecking audit activity of a particular bin

Other bin management options: Click on  BIN WMS > Outward for the below functionalities.

  • Check Order Reservation: This allows the users to view the reservation done against a single order, displaying the bins and quantities reserved
  • Under Reserved Orders: Allows the users to view orders where the reservation is partially done. For e.g: If there's an order with Item 1 and 2 qtys and only 1 qty is available in BIN#009 then this order will be moved to Under Reserved section so it helps the user identify the items/qtys needs to be procured
  • Take Stock Out from Bin: This feature allows the user to remove stocks/units from specific bins. This can be used to transfer stock from one bin to another. Stock taken out will be reduced from sellable stock. To add the same stock to another bin the user needs to do putaway again
  • Putaway Cancelled Orders: This option allows the users to view the list of cancelled orders (Customer or Marketplace cancellations) against whose the picking is done/completed also allowing the users to do putaways for cancelled orders and restock the items in the respective bins.

Important Points to remember while working on BIN WMS:

  • Separate bins will be created for good stock, bad stock, etc.
  • In case you are inwarding multiple qtys of the same SKUs, you can scan it once and enter the qty during the putaway process.
  • While migrating from the regular warehousing system to the BIN WMS system, process all the pending orders, stop accepting new orders and then start with the putaway process so as to avoid any incorrect stock reservations during the transition.
  • Before migration turn off the Re-adjust Cancelled Order Inventory settings.