Here are some of the key columns of the Standard Sales Report explained.

  • Listing Price (New Column): We have introduced a new column called "Listing Price" to provide more transparency in pricing. The listing price is determined based on the primary preference to Marketplace/Webstore listings. If there is no listing price from channel, the listing price is calculated as the sum of the item rate and the discount amount divided by the quantity. This change ensures that you have a clear view of the pricing structure, taking into account any discounts at the unit level.

  • Seller's Price (Logic Update): The logic for calculating the seller's price has been revised to improve accuracy. Now, the seller's price is computed as the item rate minus the discount amount divided by the quantity. This calculation accurately reflects the price offered by the seller, accounting for any discounts applied at the unit level. It does not include any additional charges.

  • Buyer's Price (New Column): We've added a new column called "Buyer's Price" to provide a comprehensive view of the final cost to the buyer/customer. The buyer's price includes the selling price multiplied by the quantity, along with any item COD charges, item shipping charges, and item giftwrap charges. This enhancement gives a more complete picture of the total cost incurred by the buyer/customer for the products purchased.

These optimizations and improvements are aimed at enhancing the transparency and accuracy of pricing information in the report, providing both users with a clearer understanding of the financial aspects of their orders. We believe these changes will contribute to a more informative and user-friendly report format.