This article provides a detailed guide on how to handle tag loop requirements during various stages of order fulfillment of the Myntra Channel orders in Browntape which are tagged as tagloopRequired. Tag loops are an essential part of certain order items, and it is important to correctly identify, scan, and store tag loop information to ensure a smooth fulfillment process.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Tag Loop Requirements

  2. Handling Tag Loops during Order Processing (OP)

    1. Shipping Batches

    2. Scan & Print

    3. Single Order Omni View

  3. Integration with Browntape APIs

    1. GET Orders API

    2. GET OrderItem Update API

    3. GET Order Update & POST Bulk Order Update APIs

  1. Introduction to Tag Loop Requirements:

Explains the significance of tag loops in the context of Myntra's order fulfillment process recently introduced to help resolve refund/return claims. Mentions that certain items require tag loops to be attached, and this article explains how to handle them correctly.

  1. Handling Tag Loops during Order Processing (OP):

Explains how to manage tag loops during various order processing stages in Browntape:

  • Order view

    • We have introduced a new Order type => “Myntra Tag Loop” will be available in the universal filter options on the orders list view and sub filters available on the list view page.

  • Select the orders and create a shipping batch

  • Shipping Batches:

    • Under the shipping batches, all the eligible orders with tagLoop will be will be provided with an option to add/save/scan the tag loop against each item in that order as shown below.

Note: You will not be allowed to process orders unless you either provide the tagLoop id of skip the tagLoop session upon consent.

  • Clicking on the “Tagloop info” option, you will see a overlay screen popping open

  • Scan/Type the tagloop against each item/SKU and click on save

  • Once the details are saved, you can proceed ahead with the normal order fulfillment activities.

Note: in case the you dont wish to scan the tag-loop, we have provided with and option to skip this>> “Continue without Tag-loop“, then (NOT RECOMMENDED)

  • Click on Save without providing any value in the tagloop option

  • A warning message will be displayed, stating that : “Tag Loop has not been scanned for eligible Article, during the investigation if the article is found to have provision to place tag loop, SPF claim for Wrong/fake return may be declined.

  • Click on “Continue & save”, this action will be recorded in the order details view messages section, with the timeStamp, User name and item details against which you have skipped this action.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

  • Scan & Print:

    • Navigate to the scan & print page, via orders or from the desired shipping batch

    • Scan the item/SKU/barcode as usual.

    • Upon scanning, if the order belongs to Myntra PPMP channel and order-items are eligible for tagLoop, then on the Scanned output, we have provided an option to provide the TagLoop id against each item by either Scanning or manually typing the same.

  • Once provided, click on Save icon and proceed with the normal fulfillment activities.

  • If you dont wish to provide the tagLoop id then click on the below action button “Continue” and the same skipping action will be performed as stated above and you will be allowed to proceed ahead with the fulfillment of orders.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

  • Omni Order View

    • If you are a Omni user, with stores fulfillment enabled

    • Navigate to the orders list page and open any Myntra Tag loop type order by clicking on “Process Order”

  • Follow the acceptance process as usual

  • Depending on the configuration set of Acceptance, full or partial perform the necessary steps.

  • Once the order is accepted, it will move to packing status and auto-direct to Shipping section.

  • On this screen we have provided an option to save the tag-loop information by either scanning or entering the same manually.

  • Once details are added click on save and proceed with the normal order processing steps.

  • Continuing without Tagloop

    • In case, you dont want to provide the tagloop details

    • You can skip this step by either clicking on the save option or clicking on Mark as Ready To Ship where you will be displayed with a Warning! Which states that you have intentionally skipped this step and will be logged against the order.

  • Click on “Accept” and proceed with the normal fulfillment process.

3. Integration with Browntape APIs:

Explain how to use Browntape APIs to handle tag loop requirements:

To handle this requirement, we have made changes in our APIs too. If you are an API user using our API’s for fulfillment, below are some of the APIs that have been modified.

To know more about the same get in touch with your Account Manager

GET Orders API:

Expose the tagloopRequired field to identify order-items needing tag loops.

GET OrderItem Update API:

Introduce the tagLoopId and tagloopWarningSkipped parameters to update tag loop information.

GET Order Update & POST Bulk Order Update APIs:

Implemented validation for tag loop presence or skip action.

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