Processing return shipments efficiently is a key aspect of providing exceptional customer service. As a seller, understanding how to book a return shipment based on the current specifications is crucial for smooth operations. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to handle return shipments in accordance with the provided guidelines.

Steps to book a return shipment

Step 1: Go to "Verify Returns"

  • Click on "Verify Returns"

Or you can search the order using the Order ID, Order Reference(Channel Order#), Customer Name, Return Reference in the universal search filter and search the specific order.

Step 2: Booking Return Shipment

  • Open the desired order and Navigate to Returns section

  • Click on Book Return Shipment 

  • Select the desired courier you want to book the shipment with.
    • Here we have provided the option to book the shipment using below courier types

      • Integrated Couriers
      • Non Integrated Couriers
    • Select the Courier and click on Book Shipment

  • Once the shipment is booked successfully, download the ship label.



Order Reference Preference

Determining the order reference for the return shipment:

  • If the return reference (Ch. Ref: 1234567) is available from the channel, this reference will be used when communicating with the courier partner as the Return shipment ref.
  • If the return reference is not available from channel, then the return order reference (
  • ) generated by the system will be used as the Return Shipment ref.

Handling Return Order Dimensions

Calculating the return order dimensions:

  • Considers the sum individual SKU dimensions in the return order.
  • Aggregate the weights of all SKUs in the return order.
  • Use of highest Length, Breadth, and Height (LBH) values from the SKU list for the shipment.

Important Considerations

Certain considerations have been noted when booking return shipments:

  • Excludes return line/SKU item for booking the shipment if the return order is partially cancelled.
    • If SKU/line return_status is “cancelled,” this item will be excluded from booking a return shipment 

Display of Booking Options

Display of "Book Return Shipment" and "Receive Return" buttons adheres to the following rules:

  • If the entire return order is cancelled, you will not see "Book Return Shipment" and "Receive Return" buttons to avoid unnecessary actions.