Batch Inventory Module, designed to efficiently handle products organized in batches. This module offers a range of functionalities that help you effectively track, manage, and optimize your inventory.

Batches: Organizing Your Products

Within the Batch Inventory Module, we've organized the functionalities into six key sections to ensure seamless management:

You will find this section under Inventory --> Batches

1. Batch Enabled SKUs

In this section, you'll find a comprehensive list of all SKUs for which the batch inventory toggle has been enabled. The convenience of this section lies in its ability to easily identify and track SKUs that are managed through the batch inventory system. To achieve this, you can utilize our "Bulk Batch Enable SKUs" feature.

How to Enable SKUs in Bulk:

Using the "Bulk Batch Enable SKUs" option, you can efficiently enable batch inventory for multiple SKUs at once. Here's how it works:

  1. Prepare a List: Create a list of all the SKUs on which you want to enable the batch inventory feature. Include the necessary details for each SKU.
  2. Upload the List: Utilize the "Bulk Batch Enable SKUs" option to upload the prepared list. The system will process the information provided.
  3. Batch Inventory Enabled: Post-processing, the SKUs from your list will be successfully enabled for batch inventory management. You'll find them listed in the "Batch Enabled SKUs" section, ready for efficient monitoring and tracking.

This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures that your chosen SKUs are readily accessible for batch inventory management.

2. Manage Batches

This section empowers you to add and manage batch details linked to specific SKUs from the batch-enabled SKUs list. When adding a batch, you'll input essential details such as SKU code, batch code, batch MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date, and best before date. This data provides crucial insights into each batch's lifespan and quality.

Action: Add Batch

*SKU Code: Enter the unique SKU code associated with the product.

*Batch Code: Assign a distinctive batch code for identification.

*Batch MRP: Input the Maximum Retail Price for the batch.

*Manufacturing Date: Select the manufacturing date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

*Expiry Date: Choose the expiry date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

*Best Before: Specify the best before date for the batch.

3. Manage Batch Stock

Effortlessly manage batch stock in this section. Here, you can adjust batch inventory levels for each warehouse. The intuitive interface allows you to filter by warehouse and view batch information linked to batch-enabled SKUs. With a few clicks, you can update stock levels for each batch, ensuring accurate inventory management.

  1. Select "Warehouse"
  2. With the use search filters, lookup the SKU or Batch you want to update/adjust the stock and click on "Change Stock"
  3. Update the desired stock, select reason and click on "Change Stock"

4. Bulk Batch Enable SKUs

Streamline the process of enabling batch inventory for multiple SKUs with our Bulk Batch Enable SKUs feature. This functionality saves you time and effort by allowing you to enable batch inventory for a group of SKUs simultaneously.

5. Bulk Batch Create SKUs

Simplify batch creation by utilizing our Bulk Batch Create SKUs feature. Easily generate batch details for multiple SKUs, facilitating efficient management and organization of your inventory.

6. Bulk Update Batch Stock

For seamless inventory adjustments, our Bulk Update Batch Stock feature enables you to efficiently update stock levels across various batches. This streamlined process ensures accurate tracking and effective stock management.

With Browntape's Batch Inventory Module and its dedicated sections, you can take control of your inventory like never before. Organize your products into batches, monitor stock levels, and make informed decisions to optimize your operations.