At Browntape, we're committed to making your experience better and smoother, especially when it comes to handling returns. To achieve this, we've introduced a useful feature called "Returns Settings" in the "Account" → "Orders" section.

What's in the "Returns Settings"?

The "Returns Settings" give you control over a handy option called "Return Pickup Quality Control (QC)." Let's break it down:

Return Pickup QC - Making Returns Easier

Options: On or Off

Default Setting: Off

The "Return Pickup QC" feature aims to improve how we handle the return shipment process, particularly for sellers who use our integrated courier partners through Clickpost courier aggregator.

What Happens When You Enable Return Pickup QC?

By turning on "Return Pickup QC," we include extra information when communicating with Courier Partners. This extra info ("qc_type") tells the courier that you're doing a quality check at the doorstep.

Capturing Images for Better Checks

When "Return Pickup QC" is on, we need images of the items for a proper quality check during pickup.

We use the product images stored in the Item Master to make sure everything's in order.

Dealing with Missing Images

If, for some reason, the images for certain items in your return are not available in the master, we'll let you know when you try to book a shipment. We'll remind you to upload images for a smooth QC process.

Sharing Images with Clickpost

On the other hand, if we have images for all items, we share those image links with Courier partners. It helps them identify and manage the return items effectively.

NOTE: This feature is designed to work seamlessly with couriers connected via Clickpost. For other couriers or courier aggregators, we will be expanding the same module soon.

We believe this feature will make managing your returns a lot simpler and efficient. If you have any questions or need help, just reach out to us.

For any assistance or queries please contact our support team at

  or +91 95950 73473