We have launched a new feature that enhances the way you manage SKU information in the sku master. This update includes the addition of a new column called "attribs," allowing you to store additional details for your items or SKUs efficiently. This support article will guide you through the recent changes, business logic, and how to use the new functionality seamlessly.

Understanding SKU Attributes

The "attribs" column now stores information in a JSON format, offering flexibility for diverse data storage. Here's an example of how this data will be represented on the UI.

Business Logic

A new company-level setting, "SKU Attributes Setup," has been introduced under inventory section, to control which additional information can be added to the sku attribs.

UI Representation

  1. Adding SKU Allowed Attribs Setting:

Note: Once an attribute is added, user cannot delete or edit due to potential existing SKU data. A warning message will notify you of this restriction.


  "sku_allowed_attribs": [
      "name": "Manufacturing date",
      "type": "date"
      "name": "HSC Code Title",
      "type": "string"
      "name": "Custom Title",
      "type": "string"

Show/Save SKU Attribs for Each SKU:

  1. Access the "skus/view" page.

  2. Find the toggle button near the headline.

  3. Input values for the required attributes.

  4. The system runs validations based on the data type provided in the company setting.

  5. Save the "attribs" with the latest information.


  "Manufacturing date": "2023-12-01",
  "HSC Code Title": "KURTA LONG- H.S.C. 62113900 Cotton and MMF (Blended) (size-36-44)",
  "Custom Title": "Custom title can be added here"

Important Note:

  • If the "SKU Attributes Setup" setting is not found, the attributes section will not be displayed on the SKU detail view page.

  • Additionally, we shall be expanding this feature to below mentioned sections.

    1. Bulk upload at Bulk Upload

    2. Bulk update at Bulk Update

    3. Product creation at Product Creation form

    4. GET SKUs API

    5. POST SKUs via POST SKUs

      1. Integrating parties will have to configure these field mapping dynamically basis the fields available in the api.

We hope this feature enhances your SKU master management experience. Should you have any questions or encounter issues, please reach out to our customer support for prompt assistance.