The field value configuration logic under couriers has been launched to enrich the shipments item information when booking shipments. By retrieving information from couriers configurations, we allow users to pass custom information to couriers. These values will be picked from the sku master, additional information.

Key Changes Made:

  1. Retrieval of Configured Field Values:
    • Our system now intelligently fetches configured field values from the skus master, ensuring that the correct information is utilized during configuring the same on courier services.
  2. Passing Configured Values to Clickpost:
    • These values are seamlessly sent to couriers connected via Clickpost.

Configuration Update Under Couriers

Overview: To further enhance your shipping experience, we have introduced 3 new configuration fields under Couriers(couriers services) tailored for domestic & international shipments. 

These configuration options empower you to define custom HS Code, Description and SKU code, providing greater flexibility and control over your shipping data.

New Configuration Keys Added:

  • Item Description
  • HS Code
  • SKU

Configuration Settings: Users can now fine-tune their settings by specifying the HS Code, Description, SKU source from the skus master attribs. This can be done through an intuitive dropdown selection interface, simplifying the configuration process.

  1. Go to Shipments → Couriers → Choose the courier integrated via Clickpost → Service Type

  2. Click on “Edit“ → A new section will pop-out asking to configure the field values

    1. Courier Fields holds the link between Browntape & Clickpost
    2. Custom Fields holds the values that are stored in your SKU master under “Additional Attribs
      1. Flexible Dropdown Selection:
        • Users can conveniently choose from any UDF fields captured in the attribs column, with the dropdown list dynamically populating available options.
        • In cases where no data is present in attribs, the dropdown gracefully indicates "No data found."

  3. Select the desired custom field value that needs to be passed to Courier fields for the required courier types
    1. For e.g: If you wish to pass any custom information for reverse shipment booking to couriers which might be required for QC actions then you can configure this only on “Reverse Service type

  4. Once the field mapping is selected, click on “Save“  

  5. The saved information will be used while booking shipment on couriers integrated via Clickpost.

We hope this feature enhances your shipments booking experience. Should you have any questions or encounter issues, please reach out to our customer support for prompt assistance.